Offering all aspects of boat building and having worked for renowned companies; H & H Marine Services are ready to assist in the project management, painting, detailing, maintenance and refit of your boat today!


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Project Management

Your vessel is your pride and joy. Let us take care of the planning and organization of your project from start to finish

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Shipwright Services

Our team of experts can provide many services for recreational watercraft and commercial vessels. These include, but are not limited to structural repairs, modifications, interior and exterior refurbishments and special requests


Spray Painting

In order to achieve a high gloss finish, precise and accurate fairing and painting techniques are necessary. If these steps aren’t carried out by experienced technicians, the result won’t be pristine.



A fairing procedure involves filling low areas and shaping and smoothing the surface to make it
appear to blend in with the surrounding areas



The antifouling process involves coating the hull of your boat, yacht or ship with a chemically treated protective paint. This specialised paint coating helps to obstruct the growth of marine
organisms. Antifouling your boat not only protects the hull, but it ensures the longevity of your
vessel as well

Princess 57 Docked


In order to properly detail a fiberglass boat, you must protect the gelcoat from oxidation, which results in a dull and chalky surface that allows water to penetrate. It is important to regularly maintain the condition of your boat so that it is not only attractive and fun to use, but that it protects the investment you have made


Interior Finishes

Re spraying interiors is one of the many services that we specialize in. Caring for your vessel
requires keeping each inch of the interior clean and glossy and re-spraying intricate areas is what
we excel in.


Fiberglass Repair

When repairs are necessary, whether they’re minor or major, it’s imperative that they’re done
promptly to prevent further damage and/or risk long-term damage to your vessel.